Season 2 Ep. 3 Extra’s

Episode three goes off course. With a team member down, Stewart and Aaron must rally together and invite an unknown on to the podcast. Family, brother, friend, film extra, its a concoction that shifts the group dynamic. New opinions are unleashed and beliefs destroyed. Its a podcast filled’ With history, gripping drama, Kings, Queens and Artichokes!

Season 2 Ep.2 Culture

After delays and false starts the podcast team are back and ready to talk about Art! They have been abroad, tasting the delicacies of Paris, the wonders of the Netherlands and the comforts of Hawick. Returning home refreshed and revitalised the team discover who has changed for the better or for the worst.

Season 2 Ep 1 – Questions

The Buzzword podcast returns! The team have had a break and the conversation can now continue. A new season with new ideas and a new format, what can go wrong? The  doors have been opened, breathing new life in to the dungeon. Tackling movie behemoths Disney and James Bond it is time to debate the hot topics, ask the wrong questions and ignore the right answers. Welcome back.

Episode 15- SM

A tragedy has occurred on the podcast, a member has been forgotten about, their needs not considered and their wants ignored and because of this foolishness the discussion will fall in to darkness. But out of the ashes of betrayal the team will band together to discuss a very important subject, The Stage Manager. The unsung hero, the bedrock of any production and to give the guys some insight one brave soul comes on to discuss her craft. Stage Manager of the Tron theatre and Bard in the Botanics Suzie Goldberg spills the beans and leaves the team to question their worth. 

Episode 14 – Class

Class is the subject of the month and the buzzword team could do with some. Split apart by social status the guys find themselves divided on the important questions asked. Who went to what school? How do you spell this? And what’s to be done? With no interview to break the cultural deadlock it’s up to the team to bring it together and learn some humility for one another. The monthly news segment brings forth some interesting shows coming in May and one short film guaranteed to make you faint.


The Drowsy Chaperone

drowst chaperone

As mentioned on Episode 14 of the Buzzword podcast.

In a run-down midtown apartment, an agoraphobic theatre buff takes solace in his record collection. To chase his blues away, he settles down to listen to the fun, frenzied (and entirely fictitious) 1928 Broadway hit The Drowsy Chaperone. As the musical farce comes to life in his living room, our world-weary narrator guides us through the deliciously gossamer-thin plot involving a nervous bridegroom, a pair of gangsters, and a very thirsty chaperone. The Brian Cox studio at Scottish Youth Theatre plays host to this show-within-a-show, as Glasgow Music Theatre transports you back to the Roaring Twenties in this perfect pastiche of Hollywood’s golden age.