perfect days image

Barbs Marshall is a Celebrity Hairdresser in Glasgow. She is successful, has her own show on local TV, a nice apartment in a trendy part of the city, but she is 39 years old and almost deafened by the ticking of her biological clock. To make matters worse, her mother is a nag, her best friend has been keeping her in the dark, and her ex-husband has a new girlfriend. Then she meets a 26-year-old stranger who seems more than ready to oblige…

If you happen to be in the area or fancy a trip out to the west coast then you are in luck, Skelmorlie is on your door step and for three night the Attic players will be performing Liz lochheads perfect days for three nights. Links below on where to get your tickets.

Tickets here

Thu 9 Nov 2017, 7:30PM

Fri 10 Nov 2017, 7:30PM

Sat 11 Nov 2017, 7:30PM



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