Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf is a favourite, not just for me but a vast array of people the world over. Tuesday night’s visit to the Theatre Royal in Glasgow was going to be an interesting one. Not just for the highlights of an excellent play but for the evacuation of the entire theatre at the beginning of the second act. Cast, crew and audience found themselves briskly swept outside by the fire alarm so we could all enjoy the evening sun whilst taking a moment to wonder what would happen next?This is where we see the quality of the show, not that anything before was substandard but that with the curtain rising on the second act for the second time the production got back on stage to carry on unfazed and undaunted. To see a cast come back on strong to show their ability to continue without losing energy or rushing to pick up the pace but deliver a superb show that displays all the hilarity and heartache Edward Albee’s play continues to evoke. Should you find yourself with some free time get along to the Theatre Royal and find out Who’s Afraid of Virginia wolf.

Rapture Theatre

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