Gagarin Way – Bookends Theatre Group

Frustrated by the inequities of the workplace and society at large, factory workers Eddie and Gary take matters into their own hands and abduct a member of senior management with the intention of using him to make the ultimate political statement. Events begin to unravel though when their plot is discovered and the victim turns out not to be who or what they expected.

Gagarin Way made its explosive debut in 2001 at the Traverse in Edinburgh and shines a light on many harsh realities of Scottish life exploring themes such as radical politics, violence, socialism, mental health and global economics.

From Gregory Burke, writer of the critically acclaimed and multi award-winning Black Watch.

Thursday 10 – Saturday 12 October 2019 / 8.00pm

£12.50 / £10.50

SE2 EP.10 Jealously

Autumn has arrived and the team have experienced some life changing moments. New adventures, bigger obstacles, severer consequences. It’s a podcast about love, passion, intimacy and talking in the nude. A brave and bold episode where the guys travel to the East or more accurately East Kilbride, catching up with Bookends theatre on their new show and delving into the dangers of actors jealously. Emotions are high on a sweet Autumn night but the buzzword band together.

Season 2 Ep.9 Fringe

The team take a trip to the far east, to the fringes of Edinburgh. On their travels, they discuss the tram service, leg warmers and the dangers of a free show. It’s a podcast episode on the move and as they rattle over the good and the bad the inclement Scottish weather can’t stop the Buzzword podcast.

Stepping Out – Edinburgh Fringe

A funny and heart-warming comedy, Stepping Out follows the lives of seven women and one man who meet at a weekly dance class to tap their troubles away. Led by the patient ex-professional Mavis, the group begin their journey with two left feet and end up exceeding all expectations as they are asked to perform in a public charity gala. Stepping Out is a hugely popular play that is set to delight audiences at this year’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Venue 9 – Niddry Street, EH1 1TH


Season 2 Ep.8 Commitment

The Buzzword is on the move as it heads north, past Glencoe and in to the Highlands of Scotland. On this month’s episode the team promote the benefits of baby theatre and free coffee, the persecution of red heads and what happens after a car crash. With an interview from Actor Paul Hernaes Barnes and the imminent arrival of the Edinburgh Fringe it’s a burnout of a podcast as the team speed through the events of July and beyond.

The Benny Lynch Story

THE BENNY LYNCH STORY is a national production touring in May and June 2019, which tells the story of Scotland’s first ever boxing world champion. It is a poignant and entertaining look at his life, from his childhood in the Gorbals’ slums, to his boxing success and global stardom, and ultimately to his demise and untimely death in 1946 at the age of only 33.
It doesn’t matter if you’re not a boxing fan. This show is about the extraordinary life of a Scottish icon. It is the ultimate rags to riches to rags story. 

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